The Guild of Nurses

The City of London Guild of Nurses

For the Nursing Profession - past, present and future

The Court and Committees

The Wardens and Court Assistants

The Wardens

The Master: Elizabeth Turnbull

Immediate Past Master: Helen Pickstone

Foundation Past Master: Brenda Griffiths

Renter Warden: Elizabeth Bardolph

Upper Warden: Fran Davies

Middle Warden: Julia Mingay

The Founder Wardens

Shirley Lee

Anne Milton

Janet Oxlade

The Court Assistants

Hilary Andrews

Jane Burch

Jane Carey-Harris

Ann Chantry-Price

Communications Committee

Anne Milton (Chair)
Ann Chantry-Price (Deputy Chair)
Hilary Andrews
Elizabeth Bardolph
Trevor Bott
Claire Chitty
Ian Peate
Helen Pickstone

Education and Professional Development Committee

Julia Mingay (Chair)
David Bates
Carol Bavin
Rebecca Garnett
Sherrie Green
Emma Hammett
Carole Olding

Finance and & General Purposes Committee

Elizabeth Turnbull (Chair)
Fran Davies
Brenda Griffiths
Shirley Lee
Anne Milton
Julia Mingay
Janet Oxlade
Helen Pickstone

Membership Committee

Jane Carey-Harris (Chairman)
Christine Eberhardie (Hon Secretary)
Elizabeth Bardolph
Deirdre Barr
Rosemary Ray

Social Committee

Hilary Andrews (Chair)
Christine Anderson
Jane Burch
Fran Davies
Victoria Garratt 
Shirley Lee 
Nicola Neale  
Janet Oxlade
Annie Robertson
Geoffrey Wheat

Company of Nurses Charitable Trust - Board of Trustees

Brenda Griffiths (Trustee and Chair)
Ann Chantry-Price (Trustee)
Fran Davies (Trustee)
Elizabeth Turnbull (Trustee)
Helen Pickstone (ex officio)
Honorary Clerk (Secretary)