The Guild of Nurses

The City of London Guild of Nurses

For the Nursing Profession - past, present and future

Who We are and Why Have We Formed a Guild of Nurses

A Guild of Nurses is the first stage in becoming a City of London Livery Company.

The Founders are a group of nurses who trained in the City of London, at St Bartholomew's Hospital School of Nursing.   We saw first hand, the value and contribution that the Livery Companies offer and we feel that nurses should be included amongst the noble professions who are represented within the Livery world. We also see this as an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy to the nursing profession that will live well beyond our careers and life times.

We believe that the training and the skills we gained left us well equipped to go on to the wide variety of careers that we have pursued - both within nursing and beyond. We were taught to a very high standard and would like to ensure that whilst these skills endure, nursing also continues to embrace all that recent research and modern technology can offer.

What is a Guild?

Historically, dating back to the Middle Ages, a Guild was an association of artisans or merchants who controlled the practice of their craft in a particular town. Many of the earliest Guilds were formed as fraternities of tradesmen, organised as something between a professional association, trade union, or cartel.

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