The Guild of Nurses

The City of London Guild of Nurses

For the Nursing Profession - past, present and future

Membership of the Guild

Applications for membership will be considered from all trained nurses who are either currently on the Register of the Nursing and Midwifery Council or have been registered in the past. Nurses from all specialities, nurses no longer in current clinical practice and retired nurses are very welcome. Apprentice membership is open to students who are studying for a degree that, on completion, will enable them to be entered on the Register of the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Foundation Membership is now closed as the foundation year ended on May 12th 2017. There is now an opportunity to support the work of the Guild and join for 5 years as a Quinquennial member. This category of membership is at the discretion of the Master and approved by the Court. This level of membership is open to applicants who wish to contribute to the working capital of the Guild. Please email for further details.

Full membership (Freeman): The annual fee for membership of The Guild of Nurses as a Freeman is known as "Quarterage". For the year 2019 - 2020 this will be set at £85 which includes a £25 administration fee.

Student Membership (Apprentice) and then for 3 years post registration as a Freeman: £10 per year.

Membership Form

To Join the Guild of Nurses: Please download and submit the application form here. All applications are to be submitted together with a Direct Debit for future renewals. The Direct Debt mandate can be downloaded here. Both forms can be posted together to Apothecaries’ Hall (address on the application form.)

To Renew Your Membership: The renewal form for Freemen of The Guild of Nurses for the annual quarterage of £60 due on 12th May 2019 can be downloaded here. All renewals are to be made by Direct Debit and the mandate can be downloaded here. Both forms can be posted together to Apothecaries’ Hall (address on the renewal form).

The renewal form for membership of The Guild of Nurses as an Apprentice (and then for 3 years post registration), for the annual quarterage of £10 due on 12th May 2019 can be downloaded here.

If you have any questions about membership then please email:

A Guide to becoming a Freeman of the Guild of Nurses

Thank you for your interest in the Guild of Nurses. We thought it would be helpful to take you through the process of becoming a Freeman of the Guild of Nurses which is rather different from joining other organisations.

  • Once your membership application form for the Guild of Nurses and cheque have been received, you will be sent confirmation by email from the Honorary Secretary of the Membership Committee, Christine Eberhardie. (Please check Spam boxes!).
  • Your application will then be reviewed by The Membership Committee at the beginning of the following month. If the committee supports your application, you will be admitted and become a Member of the Guild of Nurses. The Chairman of the committee, Jane Carey-Harris will write to you to welcome you and confirm that you are a Member and you will be able to attend Guild events.
  • Your application will then be submitted to the Court at their next meeting - your name will be read out and when agreed, this signifies your formal admission to the Guild. Court meetings take place every three months, so there may be a period of time between receipt of your application to the Guild and your formal admission to the Guild.
  • After The Court meeting, you will receive formal confirmation that you have been admitted as a Member and advising you that you are now eligible to make your Declaration as a Freeman of the Guild, a tradition which dates back to medieval times and an honour still recognised today by the City of London.
  • The Declaration ceremony, in which you declare The Nurses’Oath (see below) and sign the register, is accompanied by a social event and you are encouraged to bring your family and friends to celebrate with you. We organise these ceremonies regularly throughout the year, so you can choose one that suits you best.
  • The dates of future ceremonies can be found on the website and in the newsletters which will be sent to all Freemen and Members.
  • The number of Declarants may have to be limited at certain venues, so members are advised to apply as soon as is convenient.
  • There is no charge for the Declaration ceremony but the celebratory reception afterwards requires tickets, (for which there is a charge to cover costs). Depending on the date you choose, this can take the form of a formal dinner or banquet, or a more informal buffet supper. These gatherings provide an opportunity for you to celebrate with your family and friends and support the work of the Guild, whilst relaxing, networking and meeting other Freemen and their guests.


I do solemnly and sincerely declare that I shall be loyal to our sovereign lady, Queen Elizabeth the Second, and to her heirs and successors, I shall be faithful in all lawful things to the Master and Court of Assistants of the Guild of Nurses, and I shall be obedient to the Company’s Ordinances, paying my dues and giving of my time and energy, as shall be expected of me.   I further declare that I shall be true to the art and mystery of nursing, always mindful of the Nightingale Pledge and Code of Ethics of my chosen profession giving of my skills and knowledge to those committed to my care without limitation and conscious always of the professional conduct expected of me.