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The City of London Guild of Nurses

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City Diary

Monday 25th & Tuesday 26th November 2019

Red Cross Christmas Market, Guildhall

Friday 27th March 2020

United Guilds Service, St Pauls Cathedral

City Briefings

City Briefings are held three or four times a year, run by the Livery Committee of the City of London. The briefings are aimed particularly at new Liverymen and Freemen; partners are also welcome, as are Court Assistants and Liverymen of longer standing. Those who have not previously been to a Briefing are also encouraged to attend. They give a short introduction to the work of the Corporation of the City of London, especially the relationship with the livery companies. The briefings are held in the Livery Hall, 71 Basinghall Street, Guildhall, London EC2V 5DH commencing at 5pm. There is an opportunity to ask questions of the speakers and the Briefing is followed by a light finger buffet, which provides the chance to mix with other Liverymen and Freemen.

Dates for 2019 include;-

Monday 21st October 2019

Tuesday 19th November 2019.

Further details including cost and bookings information available here